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Missing CoverFlow after upgrading to iTunes11?
Please try CoverFlow11 who will bring the very apple way to explore your music collections back to you.

What is CoverFlow11?

CoverFlow11 is a little app residing on your status bar. You can easily control all your artworks by scrolling the touchpad with two fingers or just click the mouse. Everything is that easy with CoverFlow11.

Download Link:

CoverFlow11 Demo

You can also download CoverFlow11 from MacUpdate


CoverFlow11 is still in demo version and we will add new features from time to time.

Update History:

Date Version What's New
2013-1-3 1.0 (110) Add song list function. Now it's easy for you to play any song in the album. The song list is just like the one of iTunes 11, but because of a different algorithm, its color is sometimes different from that of iTunes 11.
2012-12-28 1.0 (102) Fix the bug sometimes previous or next track button doesn't work. Optimize the display quality of cover items. Optimize the memory usage.
2012-12-27 1.0 (101) Fix the bug when the album doesn't have a cover, CoverFlow11 will show no artwork rather than show the default artwork.
2012-12-26 1.0 (100) Fix the bug when loading large iTunes library ,CoverFlow11 will consume large memory. Optimize the dispatch of Apple Event.

What Will Be Done Next?

  1. High speed cache between iTunes and CoverFlow11.
  2. Fix the bug that if no song is playing then you select one album and reopen CoverFlow11, CoverFlow 11 will forget your previous selection. (From Aurora Wong)
  3. Improve Color11 Module. Color11 is a module which will analyze the color of the picture and calculate three color which will act as the background color, foreground text color and secondary text color of the song list.



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